Clean Energy, Clean Vehicles, Clean Air

What is the CERC Clean Vehicle Consortium?

In November 2009, the United States and China established the bilateral Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) to facilitate joint research and development on clean energy technology by teams of scientists and engineers from both countries.

As the world’s top energy consumers, energy producers, and greenhouse gas emitters, the United States and China will play leading roles in the world’s transition to a clean energy economy in the years ahead. Because China and the United States are the Number One and Two motor vehicle markets in the world, one country alone cannot achieve global goals for the reduction of petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The CERC Clean Vehicle Consortium (CVC) will:

  • Contribute to dramatic improvements in technologies with the potential to reduce the dependence of vehicles on oil and reduce GHG emissions,
  • Build a foundation of knowledge, technologies, human capabilities, and relationships in mutually beneficial areas that will position the United States and China for a future with highly efficient clean vehicles with very low environmental impacts,
  • Leverage the complementary strengths of each country’s intellectual and research capacities, and
  • Accelerate the advancement of technologies for clean vehicles through joint research and development.

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