Research Overview

CERC-CVC aims to have an impact on society’s grand challenges, such as climate change, energy security and sustainability, while spurring innovations to enhance market growth, economic development and jobs creation in vehicle manufacturing, clean energy industries and their associated supply chains.  A dramatic reduction of petroleum-based fuel consumption and vehicle greenhouse gas emissions for both nations can be accomplished through the synergy of optimized low-carbon energy carriers. 

Highly efficient electrified propulsion technologies that incorporate novel energy conversion, electrified powertrains, vehicle optimization, battery storage and connectivity will be integrated into vehicle platforms based on advanced, low-carbon footprint lightweight materials and components. An integrative life cycle design framework will guide the research and development (R&D) of advanced systems and will enable us to establish greenhouse gas reduction targets, pathways, and policies for translating research results into clean vehicles. Our pioneering research and innovative testbeds will provide unique opportunities to translate laboratory research to industry applications.

Advanced Batteries

Rechargeable Li-ion battery and energy storage systems to help develop the next generation of advanced batteries and expand the electrification of vehicles and grids

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Systems Assessment

Energy and environmental benefits, consumer driving behavior and advanced vehicle market potential, and mechanisms to move technologies to market

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