Mission and Vision

The Clean Energy Research Center – Clean Vehicle Consortium (CERC-CVC) aims to be the leading United States-China effort in the clean vehicle arena by performing both long-range transformational and translational research to bring discoveries and technologies to market. Successful demonstration of the proposed clean vehicle technologies will involve strategic partners from industry in the United States and China, including leading original equipment manufacturers in the transportation and energy sectors, suppliers, and innovation companies.

The vision for the CERC-CVC is to contribute to dramatic improvements in technologies with the potential to reduce the dependence of vehicles on oil and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. The CERC-CVC will build a foundation of knowledge, technologies, human capabilities, and relationships in mutually beneficial areas that will position the United States and China for a future with highly efficient clean vehicles that have very low environmental impacts.

The collaboration will leverage the complementary strengths of each country’s intellectual and research capacities and accelerate the advancement of technologies for clean vehicles through joint research and development. Outcomes will create new market opportunities for business and speed technology commercialization and deployment in both countries.