China Team

Tsinghua University, Lead


OUYANG Minggao, Director

  • Professor and Research Group Leader of Automotive Powertrain Systems at Tsinghua University
  • Research focuses on:
    • Internal Combustion Engine Control Systems and Hybrid Powertrains
    • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine and Hybrid Powertrains
    • Lithium-ion Battery Safety and Management Systems

Wang Hewu, Deputy Director

  • Associate Professor of Automotive Engineering at Tsinghua University
  • Research focuses on vehicle energy system analysis, including:
    • Vehicle population and energy demand forecast
    • Fuel life-cycle analysis
    • Vehicle powertrain technology roadmap
    • Vehicle and energy development strategy/policy

Qiu Xinping, Deputy Director

  • Professor of Chemistry at Tsinghua University
  • Research focuses on advanced power sources, such as:
    • Lithium ion batteries
    • Direct methanol fuel cells
    • Battery packages for electric storage
    • New electrode materials for lithium ion batteries
    • New catalysts for fuel cells
    • Polymer electrolytes
    • Electrode kinetics
    • Structure of porous electrodes
    • New techniques for battery characterization

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